ad|ver|tise «AD vuhr tyz, AD vuhr TYZ», verb, -tised, -tis|ing.
1. to give public notice of in newspapers and magazines, over the radio, by television or billboard; announce: »

When people lose something valuable, they advertise it in the newspaper.

SYNONYM(S): publicize.
2. to praise publicly the good qualities of (a product, service or idea) in order to create a demand or promote sales: »

Manufacturers advertise products that they wish to sell.

SYNONYM(S): promote, boost, recommend.
3. to call attention to; make conspicuous; emphasize: »

His bad spelling advertises his ignorance.

SYNONYM(S): proclaim, announce.
4. to notify; inform: »

We have advertised our correspondents abroad of our new process.

SYNONYM(S): advise, apprise.
1. to ask by public notice (for): »

He advertised for a job.

2. to seek to sell goods or services by advertising; issue advertising: »

It pays to advertise.

Also, advertize.
[< Middle French advertiss-, stem of advertir < Latin advertere turn to < ad- to + vertere turn]
ad´ver|tis´er, noun.

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